Monday, September 3, 2007

Kickin' it Labor Day Style

We're home from an awesome week at the beach with my family! :) We had a great time in the waves and sand, chillin' at the pool and going out for some fun on the town in the evenings. I will post pictures in the next few days!

Ella's highlights from the trip:

1. Collecting "She shells"
2.Tinkling in the ocean (hehe)
3. Swimming nakie in the pool at the house.
4. Ice cream every night!
5. The "castle" bed in her room...aka Bunk beds :) She slept on the bottom bunk at night, and the top bunk for naps.
6. Movies and Dancing outside at Seaside.

We topped off the Labor Day weekend when we got home with a trip to the Oshkosh outlet to get Ella going on some clothes for Fall. I just have to brag and say that I got 70% everything I bought! I rule, if I should say so myself. haha :)

For your viewing pleasure, here is a little sampling of the dancing at Seaside! (Thanks Kelly for the video clip!)


Kelly Moreton said...

i love that video! it cracks me up everytime!