Friday, September 21, 2007

37 Week Appointment, Labor and Delivery, and Poopy Pants

Well, all I can say is WHAT A DAY!!!

It started off with my 37 week appointment today-which was scheduled for 10:15. I took Ella with me because Reid had to be at church for a rehearsal. The 10:15 Appointment turns into more like an 11:15 appointment because they were running behind, so I end up getting out of there at 11:30 after arriving for the appointment at 10:00. Although Ella was VERY good considering the circumstances, trying to entertain a 3 year old in that environment for that long is enough the frazzle anyone!

Anyway-it was a standard appointment-weight, blood pressure, baby's heart rate check and measurment. Just before she was going to use the doplar to check his heart rate he had this giant movement that you could see from the outside, which made the doctor laugh. Then as soon as she put the doplar on my stomach, the heart rate was really slow, but immediately went back up to a normal, healthy rate. She said that this happens when they move sometimes because they squish the cord. So, all was good and we left.

About an hour and a half later I get a call from one of the nurses at the office. She says that the doctor wants me to go to Labor and Delivery immediately to have the baby monitored for a while because of the earlier heart rate incident. So, by now I am freaking out.-I mean, she did use the word IMMEDIATELY!! So, after I get Ella taken care of, I head to Labor and Delivery, of course thinking of all worst possible scenarios. After I check in they hook me up to a fetal heart rate monitor and I end up laying there for about an hour. Turns out everything is perfect, and the doctor was just using the "better safe than sorry" approach. So, I was very relieved to say the least! It's hard to believe I will be back there in about 3 weeks!!!

Moving on to Poopy Pants....

The plan for tonight was to meet up with my in-laws who came into town this afternoon for dinner and then the "Night of Worship" at North Point. After I came back from the hospital, I got changed into some nicer clothes to get ready to go, and was getting Ella ready to head out for dinner. Literally about 5 minutes before we were going to leave, Ella had to go to the bathroom-and of course, needed some "Pribacy". So, I leave her to go to the bathroom, waiting for her to call me to wipe her. soon I hear "Mommy! There's poopy on my pants!" I go in to find that she had gotten down off the toilet to wipe, and somehow got poopy on her pants that had ben laying on the floor. GREAT! We are about to walk out the door and I didn't have a change of clothes for her-nor were the pants she had on salvagable!!

That was the last straw for the day! I said, "That's it! We are going home!!"

Sometimes, there comes a point where you just have to throw in the towel for the day and say UNCLE!!

Yikes! I'm going to bed early tonight.....


Beth said...

:-) Ahhh yes, motherhood!

The Gerborgs said...

sounds like a crazy day! i know how those days are. glad to hear all was okay with the heartrate check too ... i'm sure that was a little freaky. oh, and emma enjoyed seeing ella's daddy on the screen tonight! :)