Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School!

Today was Ella's very first day of PRESCHOOL! She was very excited to go and she had a GREAT time!

Reid dropped her off, an he said she got out of the car and didn't look back! haha :) This was one thing we were concerned about, because you don't walk your child in, you drive up and a teacher comes and gets them out of the car and takes them into school. Apparently we had nothing to worry about though because she jumped out of the car and went in to school like an old pro! :)

When I drove up to pick her up (they do the same thing for pick-up and bring the kids out to your car)-she looked sooooo tired but she had a big smile on her face! On the way home she told me all about school-toys, crafts, snack, playground, music, and that "Hola!" means Hello! :) She was already asking when she gets to go back. :)

I think that preschool is going to be an awesome experience for Ella!

p.s. Off topic-but I addded a video clip to the "Kickin' it Labor Day Style" post, so check it out!


The Gerborgs said...

hmmm, i may need to use that on emma's hair ... and mine too!!