Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer of Camps!

Ella has had a great Summer, full of lots of camps! She is like Mommy, and loves to go and do, so we decided to enroll her in several camps this Summer.

For 6 weeks at the beginning of the Summer, Ella went to Camp All-American (click on it to see the website)at my parents church, Perimeter. She went to their Pre-Camp,2 half days a week. She had a ton of fun playing in their splash park, playing games, singing songs, taking her lunch(this was a huge hit for her!) and doing crafts!

A couple of weeks ago, she went to a Fairy Princess Ballet camp put on by the parks and rec. department here in Cumming. It was 2 days, from 10-12, and she had a BLAST! When I picked her up after the first day, the first thing she said when she got in the car was "Mommy, when do I get to go back?" :)

Last week, her gymnastics program did a "Countdown to the Olympics" camp for kids ages 3 1/2-7. It was for 3 days, from 9-1-and she got to bring her lunch, which was once again, a huge hit! She had so much fun last week, but she was totally WIPED by the end of the week! They did all the gymnastics "stuff", learned about the upcoming Olympics, played games, and did a few crafts. At the end, they had a "closing ceremony", where they each got to stand on a platform and get a gold medal. Totally forgot to take the camera to that, so sorry about no pictures :(

And this week was the final camp of the Summer. She did another dance camp with the theme of Mermaids and Hula. They did a final performance for all the Moms when we came to pick them up. I will upload the video tomorrow, but for now, here is a picture.