Monday, August 11, 2008

10 Months Old!!

Da Coop is 10 months old today!! He is turning into a wild man these days! Here are 10 facts about Cooper to celebrate his 10 month "birthday"!

1. He is crawling allll over the place these days, and very FAST! Basically, he is into anything and everything. He is very busy, and is perfectly content to play by himself-although it's always more fun with someone else :)

2. Cooper is a climber. Any chance that he has to get to the stairs, he is so there. We had our first stair incident the other day. He was crawling around the family room holding this little jingly toy, and I was in the kitchen getting Reid's lunch made to take to work. I could hear the little jingling sound, so I knew he was playing near by-next thing I know I hear him crying. He had crawled up a couple of the stairs and fallen down. He had a nice little bruise on his head to prove it. Below is a picture of him with the bruise. Poor little guy, although I am sure it is the first of many bumps and bruises!

3. He LOVES him some pizza! Lil' dude ate almost an entire HUGE piece of pizza the other day!!

4. He loves the photographs that I have hung around the house. When we walk by one, he points his finger at it, and smiles and laughs-especially if you go through pointing at each person and naming them by name.

5. On another climbing note-at the gym in the childcare area this is one of those Little Tykes "jungle gym" things, you know, the plastic ones that have a slide? Anyway-according to the childcare worker, Ms. Donna, Cooper is officially the youngest baby to try and climb up the slide. :) haha

6. Cooper pulls himself to standing all the time. This past week, his newest trick it to let go and just stand there! Uh, ohhhhhhhhhh! Of course he thinks he is the coolest, and just laughs when he does it!

7. We think that he is saying Ella now! He says it more like "Eda" cute!!

8. He does the sign for "all done" when he is done eating. That is the only one he has caught on to so far.

9. He does that funny thing with his hand and his mouth, you know, when you say "ahhhhhhhhhhh" and then put your hand over your mouth and take it off repeatedly? He does that by himself and when prompted. So funny

10. He is a happy, healthy little guy!! We love him so much, and can't believe we are only 2 months away from his first birthday! Where does the time go?

Here's Mr. Happy! hahahah aka, not happy that he had to sit in the stroller while we were bowling :) But here you can see the bruise on his head.