Friday, January 4, 2008

Cutting out the DC

As much as I hate to do it, I am cutting out the diet drinks out of my diet, and as many artificial sweetners as possible! And no, I am not going to start drinking the regular versions of it either! I don't drink a whole lot of it on a regular basis, but enough to hopefully make a difference.

My reason? One is pure vanity, to be honest. I was reading something a few weeks ago that stated one of the reasons we have fat is to filter out toxins from our body. The more toxins we consume (i.e. artificial sweetners, refined sugar, chemicals, hormones in meat/dairy, etc...) the more our body needs to hang onto that fat. So, out of sheer vanity and an attempt to rid myself of some fat in places I would rather it not be, I am cutting out the sweetners!

And the reason that should be my number one reason, but if we are being honest here it's not-just to be healthier!

There-I said it. Now you must keep me accountable!


MelDrop said...

go jen, go jen! good for you!! I cut out diet cokes (and other AS's) 2 years ago this past december and i'm so glad i did it. the more i read about AS's and the affect they have on our body's, the happier i am i've given them up. too, my daily headaches went away after that, so yippee for you!