Monday, January 7, 2008

It's a Great Day!

When you have one kid, it's a good day when you can take care of that child and get lots of stuff done around the house. When you have more than one, it's a good day when you can get out of the house at a predetermined time with both kids, all of their stuff, some of your stuff and hopefully all of your clothes on! ;)

Today has been a GREAT day for me! I started back to teaching my classes on Saturday. It was a good day to start because Reid was home to take care of both kids while I went off to teach the class. Today was my first class back where I had to take both kids with me, and actually arrive on time to teach an 8:25 a.m. class. I have to admit, I was definitely nervous about the logistics of it all. I am proud to say that I had both kids up, dressed, fed and out the door all by myself! I did have some help from my wonderful hubby getting everyone and everything loaded in the car. I even got there early!

My class went great! It felt so good to be back really working out again, and it was awesome to see everyone. After class I fed Cooper, and then we headed to Ella's dance class after that. After dance (which Cooper napped through-BONUS!), we headed home, fed everyone-and then both kids went down for a nap! Then I got to SHOWER and get ready ALL BY MYSELF! I mean really, does it get any better than this??! Oh wait, yes it does....then I actually got to get bills paid, the house straightened, and my grocery list finished!!! OH! and my new aerobic shoes that I orded from Nike with my Christmas money came today! I will save my rave of those for another post.

To top it all off, it is in the high 60's today, I have my windows open, cute shoes on, and I have time to sit here and blog while they are still sleeping. Seriously, all I need is some chocolate and the day would be complete! ;)



gayle said...

THIS is a good thing!!!