Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Sickie, Some Snow and a Couple O'Cuties

Sorry I have been MIA! Ella has been down for the count with Strep Throat (poor baby) since Saturday night-which means today was the first day we left the house since Monday, which also means my brain has turned to mush. ;) This morning my sweet husband stayed home with the kids for an hour before work while I went to the gym. He knows just what a need after being couped up! :) Ella is feeling much better now, after 48 hours of antibiotics, and was cleared to start back to her normal activities today. Here is a picture of her the other day watching a movie on our bed. :) You have to admit-there's nothing like a good pair of shoes to make you feel better!

Today was Ella and Cooper's FIRST Georgia SNOW!!!! Ella was SO excited when she looked out the window and saw it snowing! It started around 5:00 p.m., and here it is still snowing! The grass has about 1/2 inch so far, and it is starting to collect on the streets. Of course, we bundled right up and headed on out to snap some pictures. Here are a few pics! It's the best I could do holding a bundled up baby. :)

And finally-saving the best for last-here are a couple o'cuties :)


Anita said...

So cute! It started snowing here at about 11 p.m. I hope it sticks so the girls can see it in the morning. My favorite pic is Ella in the boots, fabulous!

MelDrop said...

I'm glad little miss is feeling better! The pictures are too sweet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for giving me strep...JERKS!

Jen G said... hater comments on my blog! ;)