Saturday, January 26, 2008

Digging into Literature with Ella

Now that Ella is at an age where she can sit and quietly listen for longer periods of time, I thought it was time we started getting into some "real" books for her at bedtime. Our first chapter book that I chose was Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. I figured this was a great place to start, as she already was familiar with the characters from the movie that came out last Christmas! So, we went to the library and picked it up-and boy was she excited! Every night Daddy or I read a chapter, or part of a chapter depending on the length. I wasn't sure how she would like reading the book, as this is our first book that has very few pictures in it, but she loves it! She is the one that asks to read it each night. She climbs into bed, grabs the book off her nightstand, and turns quickly to the page we left off on.

I am so glad that she loves it so much! I know she is listening too, because she sits very quietly all snuggled up with her "blankie", and every once in a while poses a question that requires the answer "I don't know, we need to read on to find out!" :)

We've just about finished up the book, and we are ready to choose something new! I am thinking another one by E.B. White, like Stuart Little or something.

If you have a preschooler, I encourage you to pass on the "fluff" books and read something a little deeper with them! You will probably be amazed at how much they actually do understand! It is such a great opportunity to present them with great literature that strengthens their vocabulary and their imagination!


Anonymous said...

KUDOS to you, mom!!
Ask Reid a bout 'Bruchco'.

nana said...

Oops! forgot to sign my name.

MelDrop's Corner said...

i likey! i likey! gonna have to use that idea!! (of course, I should probably wait until jackson doesn't want to eat the book.) hehe