Sunday, August 19, 2007

Teaching Children Respect

First of all, letme appologise for the last post and this one being rants-but I just had to blog this!

So, today we were at my parents neighborhood pool swimming. They have a really nice pool in their neighborhood, complete with a kids area that has all these like spraying, water park like things in it. It is very neat and fun! The kids part just opened at the end of last month, so it is fairly new. Anyway, there is a giant rules thing posted on the fence of this kids area that clearly states that the area is for children under the age of 5. Seems like a no brainer, right?

Last weekend while we were there, I was very impressed with the life guard staff and how they strictly enforced this rule. Gathering up kids that were too old, walking them over to the rules poster and reading the rule outloud to them. Way to get the point across! I have to admit, it made me laugh when I saw the life guard do it, and I wanted to walk right up to him and say, way to go! ;)

Fast forward to today while we are there. We were headed to this kids area, when a group of like 10-12 9 year old girls head over to this area, along with a few boys around the same age. As I am about to open the door, I say to them, "You have to be under 5 to come in here, sorry!" (hehe) I mean, there are several little kids in this area, and they don't need a bunch of older kids splashing them in the face, etc, etc... So, all is well and good and I am proud of myself for saying something. Then one of the Moms of the girls goes over to the lifeguard, and then brings all of the girls into the childrens area and lets them in. WTH? I am thinking....

Turns out, the President of the Home Owners Association (emphasis on the Ass part), told the life guard that he is not allowed to enforce the age limit, and that anyone can go in there. Nice.

So, this all got me thinking and really bothered about the situation! First of all, what message are these parents sending to their children? "I can break whatever rules I want if I don't like how it effects me." Forget the fact that the rules for the baby area were created to ensure the safety of the little ones that should be in that area. So, these parents are also teaching their children a lack of respect for others.

So, congratulations to all the parents that were there today that let their overgrown brats take over the baby pool today. Congratulations for raising the next generation of self-absorbed, rule breaking, disrespecting people! Way to go! I hope you are as proud of them when they are breaking curfew, drinking under age, and just blowing off your rules as you are today-when you were laying the foundation for it.


melissa said...

amen sister! you tell 'em girl!!!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

is it possible to distribute this in flyer form at the pool? ;-)

Jen G said...