Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Parent's Prayer

Tonight Reid and I went to Parent Orientation Night at Ella's preschool! It was great getting to see her classroom and meet her teacher. We are really excited for Ella to have this opportunity to go to preschool! Her teacher was great, and had the room set up so cute. It looked like so much fun! Tomorrow is Open House, so Ella gets to go see the room and meet her teacher. She is SO looking forward to school!

Anyway, the following was in the handbook they gave us. I thought it was really sweet, and wanted to share!

A Parent's Prayer

They are little only once,Lord.
Grant me wisdom and patience to teach them to follow in your footsteps and prepare them for what is to come.

They are only little once, Lord.
Make me take the time to play pretend, to read or tell a story, to cuddle. Don't let me for one minute think anything is more important than the school play, the recital, the big game, fishing or the quiet walk hand-in-hand. All too soon, Lord, they will grow away and there is no turning back. Let me have my memories with no regrets.

Please help me to be a good parent, Lord.
When I must discipline-let me do it in love; let me be firm, but fair; let me correct and explain with patience.

They are growing up, Lord.
While I have the chance, let me do my best for them. For the rest of our lives, please Lord, let me appreciate them without possessing them.

They are only little once, Lord.
Please help me to remember this and treasure these days.


Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

what a sweet poem. This is a keeper! :-)