Saturday, March 7, 2009

Training Update-5 Weeks Today!

5 WEEKS!!! Yikes!! I feel like my competition is getting so close, yet still feels so far away!

This week I am changing up my workouts. Going to half-body splits, trying to trim some fat. Here's what the split looks like:

Monday: Upper body, teach kickboxing

Tuesday: Lower body, metabolic circuits

Wednesday: Off weights, metabolic circuits

Thursday: Upper body

Friday: Lower body, metabolic circuits

Saturday: Off weights, teach kickboxing

Sunday: Off (for now)

Diet is pretty bland, and very strict-especially now, as my carbs are getting cut a bunch. The carbs cycle through the week, 1 day is all the way up to 155 grams of carbs, and goes as low as 50 grams of carbs on the days I don't lift.

Here is what a basic meal plan looks like for me right now:

Meal 1: Oats, egg whites

Meal 2: Oats, egg whites

Meal 3: Chicken, green veggie, fish oil

Meal 4: Lean ground beef, green veggie, almonds

Meal 5: Chicken, green veggie, fish oil

Meal 6: Egg whites, and peppers and onions

not too bad, but definitely no fun food in there! Good news though-now I can add in a 1/2 grapefruit at some point during the day-so that is nice!

Posing practice is going great and is a lot of fun! My posing coach is super nice, and great to work with. I practice with her once a week. I really feel like it is going to give me a lot of confidence on stage, which was one of my main goals in doing this competition.

I am going to attempt to put the crystals on my posing suit by myself! It's very expensive to have someone put them on for you, so I thought "I could do that!" So, I have the crystals ordered and the tool that helps you put them on. I also have my design all sketched out. I will post pictures as I get it done!

No pics yet. I think you are going to have to wait until competition week! I will post before and after pics then.


Julie Tiemann said...

Welcome back to blogging - it's been a while. ;)

Wow, you have more discipline than anyone I know. I can't wait to hear how the show goes and see those before and aftr shots!

I may have to be giving you a call for some exercise advice next year when I'm working off all this baby fat. Being pregnant two years in a row = not good for Julie's weight!

ParadiseCup said...

Aloha Jen !

how are things going for you ?