Friday, September 19, 2008

A response...yes!

Here is a response to my e-mail I sent to Saxby Chambliss: (if you haven't already done so, please read my blog below and WRITE A LETTER!)

Dear Mrs. Greven :

Thank you for contacting me regarding protecting our children from child predators. It is good to hear from you.

Crimes against children are reprehensible and those who commit such horrendous acts should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We should provide our law enforcement officers with the resources and tools they need to apprehend and convict these individuals. By increasing the capacity of law enforcement in both state and federal capacities to locate and prosecute traffickers of child pornography, we can make great progress in keeping our children safe from dangerous predators.

In the 109 th Congress, I voted for the "Adam Walsh Child Safety and Protection Act," (P.L. 109-248), which was signed into law in 2006. This law dramatically increased penalties for those who download child pornography off the Internet, including allowing those whose images were used in child pornography to sue those who downloaded their images. It also expanded the National Sex Offender Registry and required the Attorney General to use federal law enforcement resources, including the U.S. Marshalls , to assist state and local authorities in the apprehension of sex offenders who fail to register.

I also recently voted to provide additional resources under the Act, by increasing funding for the U.S. Marshals Service to track down convicted sex offenders who have failed to register as a sex offender as required by law and by increasing funding for U.S. attorneys to prosecute child exploitation and child pornography cases as part of Project Safe Childhood.

S. 1738, the "Combating Child Exploitation Act" was introduced on July 7, 2008, and placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar. This bill includes several provisions that would establish programs and authorize resources to aid law enforcement in combating crimes perpetrated against our children. I support the goals of this legislation and would like to see it go even further and allow law enforcement greater access to Internet service provider records that would help them trace online child pornography.

Our nation owes it to our children to provide them an environment in which to grow up free from those who wish to prey on them. I will continue to work to provide law enforcement with the tools and resources they need to combat child predators and help rid our communities of the malicious individuals.

Please let me know whenever I may be of assistance.