Sunday, September 14, 2008

11 Months!

Cooper turned 11 months this past Thursday! How can it be that we are now less than a month away from his first birthday??

Cooper is really on the move these days!! He is very busy, and loves to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! He is great just playing by himself for the longest time-getting into anything and everything-especially things that aren't toys! :) He isn't walking yet, but is pulling up to standing, cruising, and also standing up without holding on to anything! He is soo proud of himself when he does that! Cooper also has an obsession with stairs. We have to keep them blocked at all times, because the minute he notices an opening, he bolts it over to the stairs! He definitely is a climber, and will try to get on top of anything higher than the ground-including the dishwasher door when it is down, and I am loading/unloading dishes!

Cooper is famous for his sad face lip. I am telling you, it is the CUTEST most pitiful thing ever. I don't have a picture, because of course, it comes out when you don't expect it, and doesn't stick around long enough to get a picture. If you happen to see it, it will melt your heart. The lady in the gym childcare said that Cooper gets whatever he wants in there because of that lip. hahahaha! Love it!!

Cooper is saying a few words-Mama, Daddy and Ella in relation to the person, "All Done", Uh-oh, we think he is saying "Whoa!", and maybe "Doggy". Some we are not quite sure, but it sounds like he is trying to say them. He also knows a few baby signs, he is the best at "all-done", but also knows "drink" and "more".

Cooper also is waving "Bye-bye", giving hugs, giving BIG slobbery baby kisses, does "Sooooo big!" and dances to music. We love watch him sit there and bop up and down whenever he hears even a snippet of music. haha

Cooper is eating mostly all table food now. He is pretty insistant now about not eating any baby food-because gosh darn it, he wants to ffed himself thankyouverymuch! He do try and sneek in a few bites of veggie baby food once a day, but I usually don't get very far with that! Cooper's every day staples are BLUEBERRIES!, cereal bars, cheese, grapes and crackers. He also loves chicken nuggets and pizza :) I am having a tough time trying to get this little guy to eat meat! He will eat a turkey dog every now and again, but he won't eat grilled chicken or even lunch meat! The only thing I can get him to eat is chicken nuggets, and like I said, the occasional turkey dog. We are down to 3 nursings a day, and have introduced a small amount of whole milk at breakfast time and dinner time.

He is getting to be such a big boy, and is still as happy as ever!! We love you sweet boy!! One more month to the big ONE YEAR OLD!

Here are a few pictures from the other day of Cooper climbing on this little chair that he loves at my parents house.