Monday, June 23, 2008


Our latest venture into literature with Ella has been the Random House Book of Poetry for Children. We read several poems a night, and Ella just sits and listens. She chooses to have us read it to her every night! Tonight we read this short, funny poem called "Summer" by Frank Asch. Ella thought it was so funny, and we both just laughed. She had me read it to her again, and at that point she had it memorized and just started reciting it! After we were done with our reading, she wanted to go downstairs and tell Daddy the funny poem.

So here it the poem. Enjoy :)


When it's hot
I take my shoes off
I take my shirt off
I take my pants off
I take my underwear off
I take my whole body off
and throw it in the river.


Laura A Winder said...

Ahhh more then a week since the last update...I can hardly wait until there is more to read!

Lisa said...

We're going to the library today, so we'll have to see if we can find that book. Sounds like something Abigail would like too.
Yes, we'd love to get together! Email me at and we'll set something up!

Julie Tiemann said...

Hee hee. Now that is a funny poem. And as a pregnant woman about to pop in this summertime heat, I can certainly relate. :) Ella's got good taste.