Wednesday, June 11, 2008

8 Months!

Cooper is truckin' right along, and is 8 months today!! Here's what Cooper is up to these days:

-Aaaaaaaalmost crawling!! He is SOOOOO close! He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He also gets into a bear crawl position. He is able to move around to where he wants to go (on a limited basis) by getting up on all fours, and pushing forward with his legs (without moving his arms), then he lunges forward. It is really funny to watch!

-He started clapping the other day! So now, if you say "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" to him, he starts his little clapping-it is so cute!

-His FIRST TOOTH popped through on the bottom on Monday! You can barely see it, but you definitely can feel it! He has been such a trooper with the teething, because I didn't even know he was getting a tooth until I looked in and saw it about to come through!

-He has been trying finger foods this past month. He loves little chunks of fresh peaches, and also is loving crackers. Basically, anything I put in front of him he loves. :) He is always grunting to get some of my food whenever I am eating. haha I let him try most everything, as long as it isn't a choking or allergy risk.

-He went in the "big pool" for the first time this month. The first try he HATED because the water was still so cold. The second time he loved it, and just kicked back and enjoyed the water in his cool pool float!

He is such a joy, and is such a happy guy. He goes with the flow, and is for the most part easy going! We just love him so much!!


nana said...

Jen...I'm sure you are mistake about Cooper's age. I told someone just today that he was 6 months old. When did it get to be 8? I guess the answer to that would be TODAY!!