Friday, May 2, 2008

Safe and Sound

The past couple of months, a robins nest has been sitting in the roses growing on the front of my porch. A couple of weeks ago, Reid held a camera up to the nest (because it is too high up to just look in) and low and behold there were 3 little blue eggs in there! So, for weeks the Mama bird has been so diligently sitting on her nest, and patiently dealing with people walking by her nest throughout the day-I mean, we do have to get in and out of our house after all :)

Here's a picture of the roses. The nest is on the left side, above the window. You can see the nest if you click on the picture to make it bigger. It is in the left section of the roses almost right in the middle. It is hard to see, but it's there!

So, tonight I pull in the driveway and I see the section of the roses where the little nest was nestled, had come loose and fallen! My heart SUNK imagining the worst for the little eggs, or even worse, the tiny baby birds that may have hatched from the eggs! I pulled in the garage, and leaving my own little ones in the car, ran over to the nest to assess the situation. I looked on the ground, no signs of any eggs or baby birds *phew*. I grabbed the little bench that is on our porch and climbed on it to see if I could see inside the nest now, (since it was lower from the roses coming detached from the house.) I peeked in, and nestled in the nest were 3 tiny balls of fluff, sleeping soundly, completely unaware of the danger they were in, dangling so precariously from the branches in the nest their mother created just for them.

Well, I finally figured out a way to securely attach it back to the house, and the nest of babies is back to being safe and sound! I was so worried that the Mama wasn't coming back because of what had happened to the branch! Not to mention the fact that I was messing with the branch trying to figure out how to attach it back to the house! The second I got the kids into bed, I ran back downstairs and out to the porch to see if the Mama had returned, and SHE DID! Yay!! There she sat, all snuggled up on top of those sweet babies.

Just call me the Bird Whisperer! :) I feel like I have done my part for Bird-Kind. :)


Julie Tiemann said...

Yay!! Way to go saving the birds, Jennifer! We love birds at our house. We don't have any pets, so birds love our yard (and the bird feeder helps :) ).

By the way, did you plant those roses yourself, or were they there when you moved in to the house? They're so beautiful!

nana said...

Thanks, Jen for a great Saturday morning 'ahhhh' moment.
We love the birds, too. It's just the other varmits that drive us nuts. Count them....20 bushes de-foliated by the deer. Oh, dear!
Oh, yeah...and there's Gordy Groundhog living under the porch. Luuuv the country.

nana said...

Jen, if those roses don't sell that house,I don't know what will.
They are spectacular.

jj said...

this story made me smile:) way to go bird whisperer!!