Friday, May 23, 2008

Breast Feeding Hero

Did anyone hear about this? I thought this was so amazing, and it really touched my heart has a current nursing Mom. Thought I would share with you all....What an amazing selfless woman!


Families are Forever said...

I did, I saw it on a few websites. I think it's amazing! I think she did what most of us would do in that situation. Those poor babies...good for her!!!

Laura A Winder said...

what did the video show? it is no longer available.

Laura A Winder said...

ahh I found it. With her own baby back home she needed some way to empty the tanks....what better way then a hungry baby. I hate to see hungry babies. Although my baby was always hungry (ok he was super fat and did not need more food) and he would try to nurse on any woman that held him, I was slightly embarrassed when they would have to pull him away and have a slobber spot on their shirts. sorry about the tmi...I just can't seem to stop writing. I am glad she got to save so many babies, it must have been taxing to nurse 9 babies. I guess they don't have formula and bottles in China, or the if they do the kids were picky suckers and would not take them.