Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Ella!

Ella is 4 YEARS OLD today!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!! We had a great birthday weekend. Yesterday we had a princess party with some of her friends, and had a great time. (I will post pictures tomorrow) Today we celebrated by making blueberry pancakes, playing outside with her new outside toys, a trip to the playground and while Cooper was down for a npa, I took her to "Sweet and Sassy"-a brand new salon for girls under 12. She got her hair done (complete with glitter hairspray of course!), make-up, and nails!! So fun :) We finished out the day with her choice of birthday dinner-chicken, green beans and kraft macaroni and cheese-oh, and of course leftover cake from the party the day before!

We love you sweet Ella! Happy fourth birthday!!! We are so proud of you!

Here's some pictures of Ella from her birthdays the past four years!

Little newborn Ella

Ella's First Birthday

Ella's Second Birthday

Ella's Third Birthday

Here's Our Beautiful Girl Today!!


whittakerwoman said...

Ok for real that up close picture looks like she is at least 10 years old. How beautiful! H

Families are Forever said...

Happy birthday Ella! The picture of her 3rd birthday feels like yesterday...literally! This last year just flew by completely. She is so beautiful, Jen! That little girl salon sounds so fun, what a neat idea!