Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Free Books for your Kids!!

A few years ago, Dolly Parton started a reading program for kids that supplies them with a free, new book every month from the time they are born until their fifth birthday! How amazing is that? The program is called "Dolly's Imagination Library"

I had totally forgotten we had enrolled Ella in the program in the Fall when her school sent home a flyer about it. Yesterday, her first book came! It is "The Little Engine That Could". It is a hardcover book, and it is the "old school" version of it, with the original artwork-so awesome!! She was SOOO excited to get something in the mail. :)

I just recently signed Cooper up too!

So anyway, I had to pass on the awesome information. If you haven't signed your child up, go now and do it! It is free and totally worth it!!

If you are a Georgia resident, go to this website:

The Ferst Foundation

If you are NOT a Georgia resident, go here:

These are quality books! Pass on this awesome information to your friends!


Julie Tiemann said...

How cool! But what a bummer Fulton county is not included. Maybe by the time our little girl is born it will be... thanks for sharing!

Also, I LOVE Dolly! :) Have you ever heard her song "Sugar Hill"?

Mikki said...

You are so very lucky! I looked into this a while back and my county is not included! BOO!