Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cutie Pies, Kissing, KinderGARDEN, Scary Swings and Mini Team!

A few things that I wanted to update you on that have happened in the past couple of days....

Here is a cute picture of Ella and Cooper playing together the other morning. Ella is such a great big sister, and will sit and play toys with Cooper and read to him while I am throwing in a load of laundry, making beds, etc...Sweet girl :)

The other day, Ella and I were watching "The Little Mermaid". At the end Ariel and Prince Eric kiss. Lately Ella has been acting really funny if there is any kind of kissing, you know how little kids do. :) Anyway, so we play it up and act all "oh no!" and cover our eyes....and I said "oh no! I hate when there is kissing!!! Do you like the kissing?" And Ella says "Yes! I think it is beautiful." hehehe

Today I was talking with Ella about kindergarten. She has been asking about it because two of her little friends in the neighborhood are going this Fall. So she asks me "Do they have flowers there?" (Get it? KinderGARDEN) So cute!

Today we went to the playground, and Cooper took his first swing ride! I think he was a bit terrified though, because everytime he would swing forward, he would get this look of sheer terror on his face. So, his first swing didn't last long, poor baby! I did manage to snap a few pics though :)

Any finally (CAUTION: Mommy brag moment about to happen!), today at gymnastics, they let us know what class to sign our children up for the Summer/Fall sessions. I assumed Ella would remain in the class she was in because the class is for 3 1/2-5 year olds. I get the slip of paper that has her class assignment on it, and it says "Mini Team". Attached to the slip was a description of the class, and it said:

"For the preschool gymnast who shows advanced skills. This team will work on all 4 gymnastics events along with learning performing routines to prepare for Jr. Team or for a higher level class."

The class is for 3 1/2-4 1/2 year olds. I am so proud of her! Cool, huh?


jj said...

yea for ella!! and coop looks so big in that swing, we'll have to let marissa give it a try next time we go to the park:)

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