Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting a Leg Up on the Day

This past week I have started hitting the gym at 5:30 a.m. instead of waiting until later and taking the kids with me. This is because Cooper is still in the stage where the time between waking up from a nap, eating, staying awake and then being ready to go down for another nap is a relatively small time frame. Last week the childcare workers at the gym kept having to come get me because Cooper wouldn't stop fussing. So, I bit the bullet and decided to get up early. Let me tell you, it has been SO great! It is really nice to go workout and not worry about who may be crying or whatnot while I am working out! I have also really enjoyed getting home about 15 minutes+ before any children are awake for the day. I am thinking this would be a great time to fit a quick quiet time in. Anyone have any great suggestions for a devotional book? Not "My Utmost for His Highest"-even the updated version I don't understand ;) Something that is quick and easy to do, but yet will fill me up for the day.

There is a new gym opening up by us soon, and I think I am going to try and pick up some early morning classes there! woo!

And on a totally different note-Ella had pretzels and milk for breakfast! She saw me putting pretzels in a bag for Reid's lunch this morning, and decided that is what she wanted. At first I hesitated and was about to say no, but I figured, what the heck? You gotta pick your battles, right? ;)


MelDrop's Corner said...

5:30, WOW! Very impressive!!!

Mom said...

Beth Moore has one out that I think you will enjoy! It's called :Praying God's Word Everyday (I think).

Anonymous said...

I went at 5:30 today and 6:00 yesterday!! Go us!