Monday, February 11, 2008

4 Months Old!

Ok, didn't I like JUST post his 3 month update??? Somebody slow him down!!

Cooper is 4 months old today! He is such a happy little guy and we just love him!

Today was his first time to sit in his "big boy chair"! The second I put him in it at dinner time he just smiled away! I think he loved being up at the table with all of us. This week we may try cereal, as he is seeming hungry all the time, and is waking in the middle of the night again to eat.

Cooper is rolling over now from tummy to back. He is also blowing raspberrys and making these cute little gurgling sounds all the time. I will try and get a video of it and post it on here. He is constantly "talking" and has really started smiling at Ella. He LOVES being in the Baby Bjorn front carrier-as long as he is facing forward. I don't even try to face him towards me anymore because he will having nothing of it! ;) He likes to face forward and take it all in. He loves playing with toys, and is now grabbing things and putting them straight into his mouth. He is also still a huge fan of bathtime, and will go from screaming to laughing as soon as I start the bath water running! Little stinker....

He is doing so great, and we go in for his 4 month well check on Friday, so I will keep you posted! Can't wait to see how big our "little" chunky monkey is!


Mom said...

Such a big boy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cooper, we can't wait to see you and your big sister.
23 sleeps!