Thursday, November 1, 2007

Three Weeks Old and Halloween Fun!

Wow! It's November and Cooper is already three weeks old! Yesterday was Cooper's first ever trick-or-treat experience. He did sleep through most of it, so I think he enjoyed it! :) Cooper is doing great and is really filling out those little chicken legs! I think I see the beginnings of some chunky monkey thighs just like Ella had. He is doing great sleeping in his bed, and is really doing well with going right back to sleep in the middle of the night after eating and getting his diaper changed. Hopefully this trend will continue! I've got it to where I can feed him, change him and have him back to bed in a half hour-yay! He is such a sweet boy and we aare really enjoying him!

Ella has had a lot of fun this week! This past Tuesday she had a Halloween parade and a party at school and she got to wear her costume! Cooper and I came to watch the parade and we also went to the party. She was very excited to have us there with her, and it was fun to see her with her friends. She of course loved trick-or-treating!!! She was running from house to house-it was so funny! After every house she would say "Mommy! I got candy!!" haha! Aunt Kelly came over to go with us while Daddy dressed up like a rock star and passed out candy. We all had a fun time!