Monday, November 19, 2007

Operation Playground: Success!!

So today was my second attempt at taking both kids to the playground by myself and it was a success-thanks to sweet little Ella for being so patient and to the Baby Bjorn! Seriously, I am SO glad I bought that thing!!

The weather was beautiful-like in the 60's and sunny. Cooper slept in the bjorn the entire time, so I was able to just play with Ella. After an hour and a half on the playground, we went for a walk around the park.Well, I walked at a brisk pace while Ella ran the entire way. :) We had a great time!!

Then to top it all off, Cooper woke up as I was putting him back in his car seat, but was perfectly content all the way home, and he was in such a hapy mood when I took him out at home! Nothing like a little fresh air to put everyone in a good mood!

Here's to more fun times at the playground!!

Edited to add: For those of you that don't know, my first attempt at taking both of them to the playground by myself was horrible! Ella was perfectly fine, but poor Cooper cried bloody murder the entire time-I think because he didn't like being in the stroller...who knows...