Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Wet but FUN night at the fair!

Tonight we made our annual trip to the Cumming Country Fair! We were starting to wonder about our fair plans for the night when it started thunderstorming at about 3:30 this afternoon and continued to rain throughout dinner until about 5:30. We were SO glad it stopped because we would have had one seriously dissappointed little girl on our hands if we couldn't have gone! She had been looking forward to the fair for a while now! So, we finished up dinner and headed to the fair. We get there, pay to get in, and purchase our ride tickets....then about 10 minutes later it starts raining again. We decided to stick it out and we had a BLAST! Yes, we got pretty wet, but we had tons of fun none the less! It ended up being a great time to go because the rain was keeping people away! We didn't have to wait in any lines. Once the ride tickets were gone, the ice cream cone was eaten and a few tears of sadness over leaving were shed-we headed home, took all the wet clothes and tossed them in the washer, gave Ella a nice warm bath and put her to bed. She is already saying that we need to go again "next time." :) More pictures on our website in the October section! The link is to the left.