Thursday, October 25, 2007

Two Weeks Old!

Look at him! Is he a little dude or what?! :)

Cooper is two weeks old today! Everything is going great! He is just about over the thrush-woohoo! We will continue with the meds for at least another week to make sure it is totally gone. Cooper is doing well with sleeping in his bed. He takes a morning and afternoon nap in his bed, as well as sleeping in his bed at night time. He wakes up around 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. after his last night time feeding, so he is doing pretty well! Sometimes he likes to stay up for a while around that 3 a.m. feeding, which is a little tiring, but that is not every night. He is still eating really well, and starting to fill out a little in his face. He has also been smiling every once in a while-and not just when he is sleeping! :) He definitely will react and smile when we are playing and talking to him. It is very cute. I have yet to capture it in a picture though!

So far I am surviving being at home with both of them! Actually, it has been a really great week! Everyday this week they have been napping at the same time in the afternoon, so that has really helped with getting stuff done! I also have managed to get showered, hair and make-up done everyday! woohoo! It's nice to feel like a "normal person."

Ella has been such a huge help and is a great big sister! She loves to help me get his diapers, and give him baths. Her new favorite thing is to play with him on his playmat. It is so cute to listen to her tell him what everything is. :) You can tell he really enjoys her. His little face just lights up when she plays with him!


Leah Moreton said...

OH MY WORD. That is a PRECIOUS picture. PLEASE take lots of Halloween pics! :)