Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Twosome!

So, I have been seeing these things called Meme's on other people's Blogs, and decided to post one of my own. I found these things called "Tuesday Twosome's".

What is a Tuesday Twosome you ask? A weekly meme consisting of five “two-choice” questions.

What is a “meme”?

According to Merriam-Webster Online, it is: An idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.

So, here it goes. If you want, go ahead and post your answers in the comments section!

Based on the current weather conditions, do you wish it were warmer or cooler? Why?

Well, I would have to go with cooler. Playing outside with Ella is definitely not as fun when the heat is blasting down on you. Although it does make for good swimming weather!

What two words best describe summer for you? Why?

Fun and busy. Fun because we have lots of fun activities to do in the Summer-like vacations, swimming, camps, storytime, classes, etc.. And busy because of what I listed before!

What are the two best reasons to enjoy summer? Why?

Fruit and flip-flops. Fruit-definitely one of the best things about Summer! Lately I have been having some serious fruit cravings! Luckly the juicy, yummy peaches smelling up the entire produce section are there to support my addiction. :)
Flip-Flops: Gotta love 'em! Ella just got a new pair of flip-flops last week. I think she is realising the awesomeness of flip-flops as she insist on wearing them everyday. :)

What are the two worst reasons to dislike summer? Why?

100% humidity and lack of rain. Need I say more?

Do you plan on going on a vacation this summer, and if so, where?

We are going on a few vacations this Summer-the funny part is they are all to basically the same place! We are going to Seacrest Beach with Reid's family the first week in July. We are going to Rosemary Beach with my family for Labor Day, and we are going to the same area for the music department retreat in September!