Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ready for a Vacation!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry about missing a post yesterday-we had company yesterday afternoon/evening, so there just wasn't time! Reid sister and her husband stopped by on their way back from Orlando. We had a good time laughing over fajitas, cookies and then falling asleep (me) during a movie! :)

So, why is it that your normal schedule/everyday activies, which you like (Well, I guess some may not like) seem like the worst things ever when you know a vacation is coming up?!? haha! I mean, I love everything on my schedule during the week-anything from cleaning, playing with Ella, storytime at the library, grocery shopping, teaching my classes, etc..-you name it, I enjoy it! So why is it this week is draaaaaaaaaaging by???

Anyway...I am SO excited to just take a break from the norm and GET OUT OF THE CITY!! It will be nice to have some down time, and just plain ol' hanging out time! We are headed out Sunday morning, and it can't get here soon enough!

Look out FLORIDA! I'm coming, so you better be ready!!


Leah Moreton said...'re saying you can't wait to get out right when i am coming home? thanks. hate you too.

Leah Moreton said...

i think i am going to! :)