Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Training Update

Alright, 2 months of training under my belt! I did two different methods of body fat measurements today.

The calipers had me at 14% body fat.

The electronic one had me at 16.1% body fat.

I am down 2 more pounds, putting me at 138.

Training is going great! Still pushing the heavy weights, with lower reps, and a few sets of higher reps in there to keep the body fat coming down. Diet hasn't been so spot on the past couple of weeks though. Since Leah's wedding for some reason, I have had more treats than I should be eating, so this week I got back on track.

So here are the stats:

Starting weight:143
Starting Body Fat: 18.9%

Month One Weight: 140
Month One BF: 16.4%
Lost: 4 lbs of fat
Gained: 1 lb. muscle

Month Two Weight: 138
Month Two Body Fat:somewhere in between 14% and 16.1%
Lost: A little over 2 lbs of fat
Gained: A little under 1 lb of muscle.


Kelly Moreton said...

are we related?

Kickboxing Mama said...

LOL! Excuse me, little miss 1/2 let me ask you-Are we related?! Just thinking about running a 1/2 marathon makes me want to throw up! hahahaha