Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Reid!!

Today was Reid's 33rd birthday! Happy Birthday, Babe! :)

We started the day off with presents before he left for work. Ella was soooo excited to give Daddy his presents, and even hid all of them in different places downstairs while he was in the shower. She loved going and getting another one for him each time. :)

That evening, since Reid had rehearsal at church, we went over and had dinner with him at church, and we also took over a birthday cake that Ella and I had made that afternoon (ok, I made it and Ella stood there licking everything...haha!! It was a lot of fun! We didn't want Daddy to miss out on a birthday celebration just because he had to be at work late.

This morning, Ella says to Reid: "Daddy, I had fun at your birthday party last night!" and then gave him a big hug. It was so cute :)


Leah Moreton said...

that is too cute!! the cake looks awesome! i like the blue.

jj said...

the cake looks very yummy:) looks like y'all had a great time!

nana said...

I think Reid looks cute...not a day over 21.