Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Paci Boot Camp

Yep, that's right-Cooper's paci is getting the boot as of today. I am taking it away cold turkey. Why take a paci away from a 2 month old you ask? Because I was having to get up 5 million times during the night to pop that gall darned thing back in-not to mention last night it took me 2 hours-yep, 2 HOURS of going in and putting the paci back in before he finally went to sleep for the night. So, for my sanity and for both him and me getting a good nights sleep the paci is going bye, bye. So, we had a bit of a rough day today. He did great with going down for his naps-only a few minutes of crying (don't worry, I didn't leave him in his bed without a paci crying away-I held him :) ) Now bedtime on the other hand-that was ROUGH. I fed him at about 7:00 for his last feeding and then was going to put him to bed. After an hour of on and off crying, I fed him again. Then another hour of on an off crying. Finally alseep. WOW-let's hope this gets easier. I can only assume that it will. He is trying so hard to put his fingers in his mouth and suck on them. He is almost there. I try to help him with it, but he just balls up his fist and gets mad.

Special thanks to my awesome Mom for coming tonight and helping out with Ella while Reid was working and I was dealing with the the no-paci saga!! You are the best, Mom!! :)

Send some "sleeping without a paci" prayers our way! :)