Friday, July 20, 2007

Third Trimester: 28 Weeks!

I had my 28 week appointment today, which also included the one hour glucose test. Everything went great! Ella went with me again, and the doctor we saw today, Dr. Harrison was super nice and let Ella use the doplar to find the heartbeat! She also let her help measure my tummy. :) Ella definitely enjoyed her experience. Everything is measuring right on target. Blood pressure is good, weight is good, and Cooper's heart beat was going strong!

We also made big headway in the nursery today! Yesterday I did all the prep work taping, spackel, taking off all the switch plates/outlet overs, etc...) and then today Reid painted. It looks AWESOME! I would post pictures, but I don't have any wall hangings yet, and I want it to be finished before we take pictures. So, you are just going to have to wait. ;) But the room is painted, the curtain rod is up, all the furniture is back in the room, the crib is put back together, and all of the bedding is on!

We also have some clothes for Cooper now! A good friend of mine who is also expecting, JJ, nannies for a family that has a little girl and 2 boys. They gave JJ a bunch of hand-me-downs for her baby (Which is going to be a girl), but they also sent with her a ton of boy clothes! I went through them last night and took out the things that would work for us. So, I have several cute little outfits ranging from newborn to 12 months! yay! :)


beth said...

One has to love hand-me-downs! Yay!

Anonymous said...

i bet he is so excited to meet me.

Anita said...

Glad you had a good dr. visit. Sounds like things are going great! Can't wait to see Cooper's room. See ya Sunday! BTW, I sent you an email to your hotmail account if you haven't checked it lately.

melissa said...

ok, i feel like a total slacker! i'm not even pregnant (physically) and we don't have our baby's room painted and it's only 4-5 weeks away!!!!!! guess i should get ta movin!