Saturday, January 24, 2009

Figure Competition: Training Update

Well, next week starts a new phase in my training! Next week I go to two-a-day workouts! One weight session in the early morning, and one after the kids are in bed. Should be interesting, and I should start seeing some serious results.

To give you a little update, a few weeks ago me and the girl training for the body building portion of my competition, Courtney, started training together! We were not happy with the trainer we were working with, so we decided just to start training together. Well, in the three weeks we have been working together we have seen a great deal of results-it's been awesome! We also have started working with another trainer who is awesome! He's got our first phase of cutting diets dialed in, he is keeping track of body fat, and starting next week he is designing our workouts for us-awesome! Exactly what we need!

So, I am about to embark on what is going to prove to be a very tiring, strenuous, SORE, yet exciting portion of the process in preparing for a figure competition! I will be sticking with the first phase of my cutting diet for one more week, then the week after that it changes again.

My goal is to be ready for the show by March 28th-which gives me two weeks before the show to tweak things, and hopefully come in totally lean and ripped! :)

For those of you interested, here is what my diet looks like right now-everyday! Apparently, diets are the opposite of workouts. With workouts, if you are doing the same thing week after week, you are going to stall out and not see progress. Diet works the opposite-if you eat the same thing everyday, your body gets more efficient at processing it, and burns it up-like gas on a fire! So, hence the reason I have to stick with the same diet for two weeks, then he is going to switch it up.

Meal 1: oats, protein shake

Meal 2: oats, eggs

Meal 3: tuna, 1/2 banana

Meal 4: tuna, 1/2 banana

Meal 5: Chicken, green veggie

Meal 6: Chicken, green veggie

Meal 7: cottage cheese, whey protein shake

Meal 8: casein protein shake

So there's the latest! I'll keep you posted on how the two-a-day workouts progress. I am sure I am in for a SORE week this week!! yikes!


JJ said...

you're my hero-seriously:) can't wait for the show!!

Anita said...

Wow! I'm impressed! (and very jealous) When are we going to get to see some pics? We need the Before, during and after shots.

Mikki said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I have been following and I know you are going to do great!

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